[[livejournal.com profile] quotable_muse] 131 - "Dignity. Always, dignity."

Aug. 25th, 2009 11:56 am
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131 - "Dignity. Always, dignity." - 'Singin' in the Rain'

It is not easy to keep one's chin up and one's upper lip quite stiff when laying on a wheeled ambulance gurney with an oxygen mask strapped to one's face. However, as I recall the incident, I believe I was doing an admirable job of both. My friend and colleague Rupert Giles may very well remember the time differently, but I believe my report to be quite accurate.

After as spectacular an end to the battle with as massive and powerful a demonic creature as the one calling itself Mayor Richard Wilkins, the fact that there were only a handful of fatalities, a few dozen casualties and that the sole victim of property damage was the Sunnydale High School facility, caused the forces of good to be counting ourselves quite fortunate. I, unfortunately, was not able to consider myself as fortunate as most, though, as I was one of those injured in the melee.

I was-- in a tactical coincidence I know look back on as amusing, considering where life would eventually take me-- assigned to the group under Angel's command. Our mission was to provide support for the forces that would directly engage the Mayor-turned-monster by taking on the small legion of vampire henchman that Wilkins employed.

Naturally, as a Watcher, I was in the vanguard of this detachment, and was one of the very first to clash with a vampire. As was statistically probable, this then resulted in my being one of the first to receive an injury in the line of duty. Unfortunately, it was a grave enough hurt to take me out of the rest of the battle, a fight that the others carried on well.

Later, as I was being tended to by Sunnydale EMTs, Giles came by to debrief me on my part in the fighting. I could tell that he was surely holding back something, no doubt expressions of concern and sympathy. Like myself, he is both a Watcher and a British gentleman and as such, er, such things are not our way.

He did, however, assist me in obtaining proper pain relief for my injuries, for which I am grateful.

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