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Dec. 18th, 2009 12:23 am
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313 - Write about something old, something new, or something borrowed.

There are dozens of new things around my apartment these days, although if I were to be strict about the definitions of things they would not be so much new as, I suppose, newly noticed.

In the mornings, when I pad my way sleepily down the hall to the kitchen and open up the refrigerator, I'm greeted by an altered landscape of foodstuffs. While very rarely is there something unrecognisable, there are inevitably items which I would not have normally found and other staples are present in somewhat greater-that-previously-observed quantities. The coffee pot, in particular, is a good deal heavier each morning than it was when I first moved in.

This particular phenomenon is also in great evidence in the washroom. Where once the medicine cabinet hidden behind the mirror was a strictly Spartan affair no containing much more than my shaving kit and a single bottle of eau d'cologne, now it is filled to the brim with the kind of wildly varying bottled products I would have once associated with a witch's ingredient stores. And I have, as the cliché would demand, become acutely aware of the state in which I leave the seat of the facilities.

I have come home on occasion to find shopping bags on the floor of the living room, to find clothes strewn about the bedroom, and to hear the shower running accompanied by contented and enthusiastic-- if not entirely on-key, not that I'm one to throw stones-- singing. In fact, I've even sometimes arrived to find something or some things missing and a note to explain their absence.

Of course, no one who knows me is fooled at all by my lack of specificity in this missive. They know full well that all this novelty is precipitated by the presence of one more and especially significant new addition to my home life, my lady friend who very fortunately for me enjoys spending a few days on occasion in this, my home to which I have wholeheartedly welcomed her.

And last but not least, Gwen does also bring on one more new addition-- the complete and utter helpfulness of my resident poltergeist. It certainly seems that Phantom Dennis is greatly enamoured of her, and for that I cannot possibly blame him.


OOC Note: Based on RP.
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