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Player Information
Player name: Eric
Contact: / no AIM / neal_caffrey on Plurk
Are you over 18: Yes
Characters in The Box Already: None

Character Information
Character Name: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Canon: Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Canon Point: Mid episode 4x15, "Orpheus"
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive: Alive

Personality: Over the years of his appearances in the canon, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce experienced drastic and unexpected developments to his character, a long road of trial and sacrifice that would, ultimately, end in tragedy but also in a unique kind of closure.

When we are first introduced to Wesley, he is the quintessential stuffed shirt, out-Britishing even Giles in the first season of BtVS. This Wesley is, to put things succinctly, a prat. Born into a family of Watchers, son of one of the Council's most respected members, and groomed since childhood to take up the family business, Wesley had always been expected to excel. And while he consistently achieved top marks and was named Head Boy as a teen, he never failed to fall short of his father's expectations and be denied any sort of approval. These shortcomings earned Wesley punishments including being locked beneath the staircase in his home. An incident during Wesley's childhood when he attempted to resurrect a dead bird with a magic spell was considered foolishness, rather than a sign of a strong innate desire to help and protect.

Despite having little in the way of physical and martial prowess, along with a limited amount of practical experience with vampires and other supernatural creatures, Wesley was appointed the Watcher for both of the then-active Slayers, Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane. His priggish attitude and physical ineptitude relegated Wesley to the position of annoyance and obstacle more than anything else. In the end, he came to defy the orders of the Watchers Council and sided with Buffy, although he ended up contributing nothing to the battle.

Thanks to that defiance and to his inability to govern the Slayers to the Council's satisfaction, Wesley was unceremoniously dismissed and abandoned by the closest thing to "family" he'd known. Determined to continue on what he felt was his destiny, Wesley reinvented himself as a rogue demon hunter, once again a pursuit somewhat beyond his physical abilities, but another sign of the strength of his convictions. This era was short-lived, delivering him into the group known as Angel Investigations, headed by the vampire with a soul, Angel, along with fellow Sunnydale survivor Cordelia Chase.

Finding a most comfortable, welcoming and useful niche, Wesley immediately made himself an indispensible part of the team, serving as researcher and in-house expert, at last able to use the skills and abilities he did possess for the betterment of the world and, as the AI business card read, "to help the hopeless". Over the course of the next few years, Wesley found himself in the company of more than friends-- he and the others had become family, a strong recurring desire of Wesley's over the seasons, and when the family was at its strongest, he was at his most content. He even gained the confidence to carry on romantic and sexual relationships, most notably a beautiful young heiress named Virginia whose life he saved during a case. Along the way, the group grew to include Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle, a brilliant young woman for whom Wesley immediately felt a strong attraction, one he had to suppress when Fred and Gunn began their relationship.

The impossible event of Angel fathering a child soon precipitated the greatest change in Wesley's life. Translating a prophecy that seemed to indicate Angel would kill his own son, Wesley took it upon himself to protect the infant, kidnapping him and mistakenly trusting an adversary of Angel's who took the baby into another dimension, but not before cutting Wesley's throat and leaving him for dead. Discovering Wesley's part in the child's loss, Angel tried to smother Wesley in his hospital bed and was dragged out cursing his name, while the rest of his friends turned their backs on him-- abandoned by another family.

Months passed and while Wesley's body healed, the injuries to his heart and soul stayed open. Once more undeterred from pursuing the fight against evil, Wesley hardened his body and his attitude, growing darker, colder and grim. He recruited his own small army of hunters and waged a private war on the darkness. In the midst of this, he pursued an affair with Lilah Morgan, a highly-placed lawyer at the firm of Wolfram & Hart, an organization at the center of much of the city's supernatural evil and a constant adversary of Wesley and his former teammates. At the same time, Wesley had kidnapped Justine Cooper, the woman who had cut his throat and imprisoned her in his closet, forcing her to help him find the then-imprisoned Angel.

As a new impending apocalypse began to form in Los Angeles, circumstances brought Wesley back into the orbit of his former friends, with whom he then seemed to share cool politeness at best, if not outright animosity. Only Fred, still the object of his less-than-secret attentions, was spared the full force of Wesley's ire and hurt. As the apocalyptic conditions worsened, this new, darker, Wesley stepped into a leadership role among the group, finding himself having to make terrible decisions with huge ramifications. Wesley, knowing that action had to be taken, made those decisions and was willing to live with the consequences, no matter how dire-- the worst of which were the near death of the Slayer Faith and the murder of Lilah Morgan, the latter of which haunted Wesley far more than he ever imagined.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is a collection of contradictions. A hard-edged, grimly determined warrior and leader who privately second-guesses his every choice, berates himself for every error and constantly questions his own worth. Told time and again as a child what a disappointment he was, cut loose in his hour of need by those he would consider family-- twice-- there is always something of the fragile, frightened boy, desperate for approval and acceptance in the core of him. But over the years, that fragility became surrounded by the armor of Wesley's determination that he, in whatever form he could manage, could be a force for good in the world.

Items on your character at canon point: Clothes: brown leather jacket, button-up shirt, trousers, shoes. Wallet, keys. One stainless steel-finish 1911A1-style .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol in a shoulder holster. One spring-loaded, collapsible sword strapped to inside of right forearm.
Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses: Wesley has the strength, speed, durability and vulnerabilities of an average human in moderately good physical shape. He has some training in hand-to-hand combat, but is an expert in the use of archaic bladed and melee weapons such as swords. He is also an excellent marksman with his pistol. Wesley has a working knowledge of and a rudimentary ability to perform magic, but is not a natural practicioner.

Network/Action Spam Sample:

[The video recording begins. A lean, weary-looking man with a few days' worth of stubble is packing things into a duffle bag set on a table not far from the camera. He looks over to the camera, pulls a chair away from the desk the camera has been set on and sits down.]

My name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. If you are watching this recording and the city of Los Angeles still exists, then what I am about to tell you will sound blessedly deranged. However, if things go as poorly as I fear they might, my story will make more sense in the context of the smoking crater that was once L.A.

[He pauses for a moment, letting that sink in for himself as well. Wesley's jaw sets tightly and he scratches at his chin, deciding where to start.]

Do not believe whatever the authorities and the government may have told you about a freak meteorological event, a volcano or earthquake or even a conventional terrorist attack. You already know that the city has been plunged into darkness. Its cause is here and not in the skies above, and it is an immensely powerful demon known only as The Beast.

[Unable to sit still any longer, Wesley rises, adjusts the camera to a wider angle and moves to the table. He can now be seen loading bullets into a pistol magazine.]

My associates and I believe that The Beast intends to return the world to a time long before the rise of humanity, when demons and other hellspawn ruled the earth, and that blacking out the sun is merely the first step of this plan. We, of course, intend to stop him.

[Wesley slaps the magazine into a pistol, which he holsters under his jacket. He hefts the duffel bag and approaches the camera.]

If we do, please feel free to ignore this recording. If we do not...

[He frowns, shakes his head, and reaches toward the camera. The image blacks out.]

Prose Log Sample:
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