May. 6th, 2009

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280 - What are you thinking?

I'm brooding.

No comments, please. I do it well and like any other behaviour that has been formed by constant use and practise, it's a habit for me, something nearly instinctual by now. While I have made a great deal of progress towards not being constantly engaged in brooding, it is not something gotten rid of so easily.

At some point or another, I have seen every one of my friends shed their blood in the service of the greater good. With few exceptions, nearly all of the individuals who come down on our side of the battle against the dark supernatural elements of the world are mere mortals, subject to all the frailties and vulnerabilities of any other human body. Meanwhile, many of our antagonists are of demonic extraction, capable of withstanding dozens of times the punishment as we, and equipped to deal just as much damage, if not more.

When one of us is hurt and if that injury is of sufficient severity, there is nearly always a period of introspection that follows. The damaged party, while in recovery, is all but required to take stock of the circumstances that led to their situation and of the world into which they've chosen to throw themselves. Almost always, there is doubt in the sanity or the ultimate effectiveness of the fight, and eventually a hesitation to return to it.

Most often, at least with the individuals with whom I have become privileged to work, the crises of faith are brief and superficial. Mere physical inconvenience is not enough to sway them from whatever path they have chosen for themselves. Once the body is mended-- if not before-- the spirit is willing, and they are back in the fight.

It having recently been my misfortune to "take one of the team" as it were, this has been my regularly scheduled time of contemplation. And now that formality is completed, I believe it is time to return to work.



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