Oct. 15th, 2009

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304 - What are you hiding from?

Real work, some might argue.

Make no mistake that I consider my current line of engagement to be a most worthwhile and meaningful endeavour. Certainly there would be no room and no need for any of the more every-day and commonplace occupations of the world if there was indeed no world in which they might exist. The supernatural forces of evil are a threat to every living person, and so to stand in the way of them is to serve, in a fashion, everyone.

But it is not, clearly, a regular job. While I do pay taxes, my income is irregular in its schedule and with upsetting frequency, falls near or below the line of a living wage. I am provided none of the customary benefits, such as medical insurance or retirement investments, have no company car and pay for every one of my own meals, whether on the clock or not. I may be called upon to practice my craft at any hour of any day like a physician yet am afforded no special placard to prevent my car from being towed for double parking.

On occasion, in the execution of my work, I have been called upon to impersonate someone with a "real job", most often to gain entrance into a particular location or to engender the trust of someone with information I require. It is an unusual experience, sometimes refreshing in relieving the stresses-- for however brief a time-- of my unusual pursuits. And sometimes, it is illuminating, giving me a reminder of why I should feel confident that I was never destined to sit behind a desk for an hourly wage.

All in all, I am quite sure that I would not be able to hold down everyday employment. While my temperament is generally studious and naturally detail-oriented, I am afraid that I've grown far too accustomed to the odd, the unusual and the arcane to be satisfied with a commonplace job.



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