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Jul. 8th, 2009 03:03 pm
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127 - "I didn't say I didn't love you. I said, 'Stay away from me.'"

OOC Note: Based on rp fanon. Follows the conversation in this post and precedes the one in this post.

Wesley hung up the phone with a scowl. Conversations with Buffy, even these days when they were so far past the attitudes and clashing personalities of Sunnydale, could often turn confusing or simply awkward. But this time, the message had been delivered quite clearly: Gwen was having doubts about her relationship with him, or so Buffy suspected.

The frustration came quickly and prickled Wesley's skin. He had thought they had built something stronger than that, he and Gwen; something made of more trust and more understanding. Both of them had come so very far, and nearly all of it ascribable to the chemistry and connection between them. How could she possibly have doubts?

He'd been pacing across the tile floor of his apartment, but soon Wesley found himself sinking down onto his couch with a heavy sigh.

He knew how, of course. One of the things that he and Gwen had so strongly in common was that both of them began things placing very little emotional stock in the idea of romance and relationships. Both had become accustomed to and preferring of casual encounters, keeping people at arm's length lest they get sufficiently close to make their (supposedly inevitable) departure that much more painful.

So they'd flirted, danced... and discovered that despite their best efforts, they were most definitely involved, well beyond the casual.

Wesley knew that Gwen's greatest fear had always been that LISA would malfunction and her devastating electrical power would harm someone. Worse yet, she feared that it would hurt someone close to her. And as it turned out, it had done just that. And though Wesley's injuries were mostly superficial and minor at worst, it did not change the fact.

Some time ago, Wesley's reaction would have been to give Gwen time and space, believing that if things were to work out, things were hers to work out. But now he understood differently.

Considering his words, Wesley picked up the phone and dialed Gwen.

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