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Aug. 13th, 2009 09:47 am
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294 - Passing


Wesley had been quietly drinking a cup of tea and reading the Times when there was a sudden kerfuffle in the hallway outside of the lounge. He folded down his newspaper just in time to see three figures in dark, hooded robes rushing past the doorway, followed by a half dozen excited-looking Watchers. A moment later, Quentin Travers, the then Director of the Watchers' Council entered.

"Ah, Wesley," the older man said dryly as Wesley stood to greet him, nearly knocking over the teacup. "Afraid I have some bad news. I know that you were being considered for the post of Watcher for a Potential in the States. Unfortunately, the seers are reasonably sure she's going to be Chosen and it will be an event of some great importance."

"Why would this be 'unfortunate', sir?" Wesley had asked, shifting his weight, but he knew the answer.

"Unfortunate for you," Travers replied, "as we've decided to send Merrick. Five Slayers under his belt. You understand. Better luck next time. Excuse me."

"Of course, sir," Wesley had answered, but Travers was already out the door.


Wesley had looked quizzically at his father, not entirely grasping the news. "But as I understand, Buffy Summers is alive and well," Wesley had ventured. "How can a new Slayer, a... a second Slayer have been Chosen?"

Roger Wyndam-Pryce had rolled his eyes. "The magicks that govern the passing of the Slayer power are ancient, arcane and bafflingly complicated. Even our most talented seers have only ever been able to approximate which Potential will be Chosen next. Given the nature of the Slayer's duties, never have we had to consider the possibility of one experiencing clinical death, only to be resuscitated."

Nodding, Wesley was still agape. "So because Buffy died, if only for an instant..."

"Somehow, the power was passed to a new Potential without vacating the current Slayer, yes." The tone of Roger's voice was frustrated and condescending, but that was nothing new.

"Father, do you think you could speak to Director Travers--"

Roger had held up his hand. "Sam Zabuto was already assigned to observe this... this Kendra Young, and has been given the duties as her Watcher."

Wesley nodded and left the office.


"The poor dear..."

Wesley had looked up from his paper, this time seeing fellow Watcher Gwendolyn Post at a nearby table, poring over a file. "Gwendolyn?" he ventured.

"Our new Slayer, the one from Boston-- Faith Lehane. It seems she and Professor Dormer ran afoul of Kakistos."

He'd swallowed hard, knowing that name from his studies. Vampires were, to a one, monsters but Kakistos was an especially nasty piece of work. Whatever he had done to blanch Gwendolyn Post's face, it was exactly his style. "Professor Dormer--?"

Gwendolyn had shaken her head sadly. "Ms. Lehane has found a bit of temporary refuge with Buffy Summers in California under Rupert Giles, but I've been assigned as Faith's new Watcher."

Wesley had nodded and given Gwendolyn a supportive half-smile, having expected that. "Good luck."


It had been Travers' gruff voice on the phone.

"Pack your bags, Wesley. You are on the next flight to California."

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