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301 - Wake up.

First oblivion, then existence. I knew at once what had happened, and I had a single reaction:


The person-- no, it wasn't a person in the least, in point of fact, but a visible manifestation of the Senior Partners' wishes to communicate with their employees. The manifestation standing before me pursed its meticulously coloured lips in a bemused, condescending expression that I knew far too well.

"Now Wesley, you know it just isn't good form to talk about your former-- and, as it turns out, current-- employers like that."

In perpetuity )


OOC Note: Immediately precedes the Angel: After the Fall storyline. Only canon characters are referenced in this response.
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270 - Thirteen

Superstition is a curious thing. There are a great number of individuals in the world who do not believe in a higher power. A great deal more than that, while stating a belief, do not in practice hold that a higher power has any direct influence on their day-to-day lives, that there is no grand chessmaster guiding, influencing or even observing our tiny mortal movements.

And yet, many of these people throw spilt salt over their shoulders. They avoid cracks in the sidewalk or swing wide to avoid stepping underneath ladders. They exercise greater caution with their lives on Friday the thirteenth. Superstitions can still affect them.

Creatures of habit )

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264 - "The past is never dead. It's not even past." William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun.

When one deals with beings possessed of such long lives as vampires and demons, then one develops a different kind of respect for the past, as it comes back to haunt people in much more direct and deadly ways. A person's past is a part of them, impossible to be freed from, like one's own shadow.

Recurrent )

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94 - "Suddenly it came over me that everything would go wrong." - 'Double Indemnity'

Another failure. I was, as you might expect, quite used to the feeling by that time. In fact, it seemed as though I'd grown completely inured to it, in much the way I'd grown cold and closed off to nearly every other kind of emotion. At least, that had been my intention. Intentions are worth little more than the air it takes to voice them, though, and I was wrong about my insulation.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa )
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245 - What's the first thing you remember?

That it was a wonderful thing, having not only a place to call my own physically-- in the sense that I would now have a permanent address and domicile-- but a place of my own with Angel and Cordelia. There was something very appropriate in my taking of an apartment the day after Angel asked me to stay on with his agency, and the metaphor hit me as I was signing the lease papers.

Home Sweet Home )

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242 - Write about a time that you were the bearer of bad news.

It was my job at Angel Investigations to serve as the discoverer, keeper and disseminator of important information. Cordelia used to call me "plot exposition", particularly while in preparations for yet another audition, and it was an apt enough description. And more often than not, the news I had to bring to the table was of a less-than-welcome nature.

One particular instance, though, stands out.

Black Tie and Bad News )

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229 - If you could get anyone drunk, who would it be and what would you do?

"His name is Vinnie," Angel had said as the vampire was pulling on his black coat and was already halfway out of the agency door. "And he's a complete pushover, don't let the horns fool you. Just get him a little drunk, and he'll spill everything we need."

Dealing with had always traditionally been Angel's purview, as he was the one with the reputation and the clout (in both senses of the word, after a fashion) required to either coerce or intimidate information as necessary. Such tactics were necessary, given Angel Investigations' laughably modest operating budget. So, when circumstances dictated that Angel's talents were best used elsewhere, somehow it fell to me to "roll the snitch".

Unusual duty )


OOC Note: This is a fic, based solely within canon. The Angel referred to is canon, and this fic is not binding to any muse.
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Wesley couldn't help but pay particular attention when Buffy expressed so much concern for Angel's... well, perhaps not his well-being, exactly, as there was no implication of the usual sort of danger. But she was certainly concerned for him and his situation. The whole span of the information Wesley's former charge had delivered was still daunting, but there were still only two or three facts required to move Wesley to action. Firstly, an old friend had done the asking. No matter what the history, Wesley respected Buffy and still harboured Watcherly regard for the Slayer. Secondly, the request had been made on behalf of a friend just as old, but a great deal more dear. Lastly, Wesley could help, or at least he believed he might be able, and so he had to.

Dialing the phone number Buffy had provided, Wesley sat at his desk in the Endeavour Agency offices and waited.
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225 - "Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?" - Marcel Marceau

Can't talk with your throat cut, you know, so I suppose I didn't have much of a choice.

But then again, what would I have said if I were able? I'd already committed an act of betrayal so terrible that I'd felt incapable of revealing my intentions to anyone, including friends I treasured beyond words and beyond family. I had already struck a deal with Angel's enemy and stolen Angel's infant son. And then-- almost inevitably, in hindsight-- that I myself had been betrayed, and had been played for a dupe.

Once Justine's knife had done its work, and I'd been left to die an ignominious death, what would I have said?

Plea )

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57 - "... accept our failures, as well as our successes, with quiet dignity and grace." - 'Young Frankenstein'

All I really wanted was to be left alone.

Cold Comfort )

(364, not counting direct quotes)

OOC Note: This is a canon-based response, and does not necessarily reflect any muse version of these characters.
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52 - "By protecting others, you save yourselves." - 'Seven Samurai'

I know a man who once, would have agreed wholeheartedly with that sentiment. In those days, the pursuit of justice, the defense of those who were unknowing and unable to protect themselves from the dangers of the supernatural world, and the defeat of the agents of evil were the requirements imposed by the path of redemption.

Three men )

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212 - What event do you wish you could have been a "fly on the wall" for?

Everyone in Los Angeles had their theories, and I'm sure everyone in Sunnydale was equally as curious and suppositious as we were. In the end, neither of the parties involved were inclined to describe the encounter with anything further than the single word "intense". It didn't stop any of us from wondering, though.

It certainly didn't stop some of us from voicing some of those thoughts, either. Perhaps at the next party, Cordelia and I will stage a revival of Buffy and Angel: the Reunion, a two-person drama that met with such rave reviews in its first and only performance.

Meeting halfway )

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41 - "Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends." - 'It's a Wonderful Life'

OOC: Set during late Season 1 of AtS. Characters mentioned do not reflect particular muses, but the in-canon originals in the context of the story.

When Wesley arrived at the office, he reached for the doorknob with an excuse for his tardiness already starting to form. Finding the door locked and seeing no lights through the frosted glass, Wesley frowned. He checked his watch. Nine-thirty and no one's here? he thought, wondering if some case or other excitement had cropped up overnight and either Angel or Cordelia were out on its trail.

He sighed as he fumbled for his keys. The phone in his modest but immaculately clean new apartment had not rung last night, so if there had been some sort of happening, neither of his office-mates had seen it necessary to involve him. Wesley supposed that there were any number of circumstances under which he'd understand the decision, most of them involving pitched battle. His place in Angel Investigations was still a new one, and while he'd experienced some closeness with Cordy in Sunnydale, Angel himself barely knew him from Adam.

Upon opening the door, the lights snapped on. "Surprise!" called a pair of voices. Well, one voice to be more precise. The second voice seemed to merely mumble the word, but Wesley was not especially particular about that in this case.

Cordelia was standing in front of him, a plate of donuts from their local baker arranged on a plate, the topmost sporting a single lit candle. From behind her, Angel waved and nodded, giving what for the vampire was a positively gregarious shrug.

"What...?" Wesley stammered.

"Happy birthday, doofus," answered Cordy. "Now blow out the candle and enjoy your donuts. Because this tiny little shindig is your present, too," she added a little sheepishly.

Wesley grinned and blew out the candle, wishing for nothing more.

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208 - Four

OOC: Shamelessly stolen from Inspired by the #208 prompts by [ profile] queenemma!mun

Traditionally, demons and vampires and other supernatural creatures have been fought with traditional weaponry. Blades and bows, wood and steel against their fangs and claws. Whether this is a case of their visceral, mystical strength being met with the base ability of humanity-- tools and muscle-- or whether it is simply just the way things have been done, it is rare for those in that business to employ the modern tools of war.

Four people Wesley has shot )

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192 - Write about a recurring dream you've had.

Hot. Cold. Loud. Sharp.

The words echo like the refrain of a song, though if Wesley ever knew the words, he cannot, in that particular moment, recall them. Not that one would blame the man for having trouble concentrating. In the moment Wesley dreams of, he is sitting on a chair-- tied down to it, to be precise. The chair is in a kitchen. The kitchen is in an apartment. The apartment has been broken into and belongs to neither of the people in the kitchen, not the man tied to the chair and not the young woman brandishing the chef's knife as if she were ready to begin deboning a chicken.

Look back in anger )

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22 - "It really don't matter if I lose this fight... 'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance." - 'Rocky'

Well, I think this particular passage illustrates most eloquently the whole point behind those fateful events the night we brought down Wolfram & Hart, don't you?

Down to the last round )

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188 - Write two letters: One to someone you hurt and the other to someone who hurt you.

Dear Justine,

So you might know a little more about it )

((Written immediately after the events of the "Angel" episode 'Origin'))

Dear Angel,

I see it now )



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