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284 - Talk about a time you were forced out of something.

My parting of the ways with the Watchers Council is, I must confess, not my only experienced with being sacked from an occupation. There was a time, about a year after my arrival in Los Angeles, when Cordelia, Gunn and I were unceremoniously jettisoned from our positions with Angel Investigations and sent on our less-than-merry ways. Naturally, the most painful part of the firing was that it came at the hands of Angel himself.

Out )

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I hope it is as happy as you deserve.
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245 - What's the first thing you remember?

That it was a wonderful thing, having not only a place to call my own physically-- in the sense that I would now have a permanent address and domicile-- but a place of my own with Angel and Cordelia. There was something very appropriate in my taking of an apartment the day after Angel asked me to stay on with his agency, and the metaphor hit me as I was signing the lease papers.

Home Sweet Home )

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OOC: For [ profile] _freaksrus, [ profile] queen_c_tm, [ profile] evilhandissue and [ profile] big_pile_o_dust and anyone else who's expressed interest in the new agency. Bendy-time as needed to fit into people's storylines and timelines.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce had faced a number of challenges in his years, from vampires to werewolves to sorcerers and demons. And none had frustrated him so much as those with whom he and the others had been made to contend in the establishing and opening of the new agency. Between simply getting the physical plant of the offices and equipment arranged and the bureaucratic tangle of permits and licenses required to hang up their shingle, he had been more than ready to give up the whole thing and set up a folding table and cardboard sign reading "VAMPIRES SLAIN 5 CENTS" on the side of the freeway.

At last, though, the last papers had been signed and the last screws turned. He and the others stood outside the door of the office suite, though every one of them had already been inside, inspecting their own spaces and whatever details which fell under their particular charge. But this was a ceremony, and as proud as he was to be officially resuming this work with these people, Wesley wanted to stand on ceremony this once.

He glanced at the brass plaque that hung beside the frosted glass doors.

Private Investigations

When the question of the agency's name had gone unsolved, Wesley had thrown open a thesaurus to the entry for "crusade" and selected a synonym that would suit their higher-class location. He turned the key and opened the door.

"Open for business," he said, and stepped inside.
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And many happy returns. Hopefully you make this quite the memorable celebration.
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212 - What event do you wish you could have been a "fly on the wall" for?

Everyone in Los Angeles had their theories, and I'm sure everyone in Sunnydale was equally as curious and suppositious as we were. In the end, neither of the parties involved were inclined to describe the encounter with anything further than the single word "intense". It didn't stop any of us from wondering, though.

It certainly didn't stop some of us from voicing some of those thoughts, either. Perhaps at the next party, Cordelia and I will stage a revival of Buffy and Angel: the Reunion, a two-person drama that met with such rave reviews in its first and only performance.

Meeting halfway )



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Holiday gifts go out late. Wesley contemplates calling them 'Boxing Day' presents, but knows no one will get the joke.

For Cordelia )

For Lindsey )

For Logan )

For Gwen )
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41 - "Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends." - 'It's a Wonderful Life'

OOC: Set during late Season 1 of AtS. Characters mentioned do not reflect particular muses, but the in-canon originals in the context of the story.

When Wesley arrived at the office, he reached for the doorknob with an excuse for his tardiness already starting to form. Finding the door locked and seeing no lights through the frosted glass, Wesley frowned. He checked his watch. Nine-thirty and no one's here? he thought, wondering if some case or other excitement had cropped up overnight and either Angel or Cordelia were out on its trail.

He sighed as he fumbled for his keys. The phone in his modest but immaculately clean new apartment had not rung last night, so if there had been some sort of happening, neither of his office-mates had seen it necessary to involve him. Wesley supposed that there were any number of circumstances under which he'd understand the decision, most of them involving pitched battle. His place in Angel Investigations was still a new one, and while he'd experienced some closeness with Cordy in Sunnydale, Angel himself barely knew him from Adam.

Upon opening the door, the lights snapped on. "Surprise!" called a pair of voices. Well, one voice to be more precise. The second voice seemed to merely mumble the word, but Wesley was not especially particular about that in this case.

Cordelia was standing in front of him, a plate of donuts from their local baker arranged on a plate, the topmost sporting a single lit candle. From behind her, Angel waved and nodded, giving what for the vampire was a positively gregarious shrug.

"What...?" Wesley stammered.

"Happy birthday, doofus," answered Cordy. "Now blow out the candle and enjoy your donuts. Because this tiny little shindig is your present, too," she added a little sheepishly.

Wesley grinned and blew out the candle, wishing for nothing more.

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OOC: Follows immediately after THIS PART.

Wesley stood from his place at the table to face the returning Lindsey. Meeting the other man's gaze levelly and calmly, he tried his best to gauge Lindsey's expression. He found he couldn't, not at that moment. "Lindsey," he said by way of greeting. "Welcome back. What do you say?"

Lindsey has his say, Wesley does not, and everyone else is probably glad it doesn't come to swords and gunfire. )
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OOC: Follows immediately after Part 1, occurring at the same time as Part 2.

Cordelia sat back in her chair once Lindsey had stormed out, glaring after him. If he thought she was going to chase after him, he'd be waiting out there a long time. Call her stubborn, but after the way he'd been acting, she didn't see why she should follow him. Let him steam over it for a while on his own, then maybe they'd talk when he was more rational.

Once Logan followed, she sighed and turned her attention back to Wesley and Gwen.

"I'm sorry, Wes. I didn't think he'd flip out like that. I thought once we were all here, he'd be more open to the idea."

Wesley and his lady friends discuss Lindsey, old times, new jobs and a name for the new business )
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It wasn't the trendiest or highest-profile eatery in Los Angeles, but that was most of the point. Wesley had chosen the restaurant more for the ability to hold a meeting where topics that no one outside of their peculiar community would be prepared to overhear. That, and the fact that Dominick's quietly boasted quite a fine wine list. Wesley nodded to Bernard, the maitre d' and slipped the older man the promised hundred dollar note. Bernard was perhaps in his late sixties, and had no doubt stood his station since Dominick's played host to Los Angeles underworld luminaries of a much more organised crime sense of the world. Certainly the private back dining room into which Bernard ushered Wesley was a holdover from those days.

The lighting was low, but sufficient to keep the atmosphere from entering gloom. Wesley ran his hand over the rich woods and leather backs of the chairs and table and wondered what nefarious men and privacy-seeking Hollywood golden age celebrities had taken refuge in this room. He hoped whatever ghosts might still linger in this space would look kindly on his intentions. Taking a seat with an unobstructed view of the door, Wesley ordered a scotch, neat, and awaited the first of his invited soon-to-be teammates.

The players assemble at one table, new faces meet old, Wesley makes his offer and reactions are mixed. )
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From: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Bcc: Cordelia Chase; Logan Cale; Gwen Raiden
Security: Encrypted

Subject: A modest proposal


First of all, I'd like to thank you for helping make my re-acclimation to the waking world as painless a process as could be hoped. I consider myself to be fully recovered from my mysterious ordeal and ready to take on the world again.

And, it seems, the world is ready, as well. A number of sources with whom I've reestablished contact all indicate that whatever slump or downturn experienced in recent years by the supernatural world-- in particular, the segment involved with the illegal, immoral and evil-- is over. There is work to be done, and I would like to invite you to discuss with me how to go about it.

Please reply with your interest (I've blind copied this, in respect for those who might wish to decline) and we will arrange a time and place to meet. Also, if you can think of any other like-minded and trustworthy individuals with whom you think we might share this task, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce


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