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301 - Wake up.

First oblivion, then existence. I knew at once what had happened, and I had a single reaction:


The person-- no, it wasn't a person in the least, in point of fact, but a visible manifestation of the Senior Partners' wishes to communicate with their employees. The manifestation standing before me pursed its meticulously coloured lips in a bemused, condescending expression that I knew far too well.

"Now Wesley, you know it just isn't good form to talk about your former-- and, as it turns out, current-- employers like that."

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OOC Note: Immediately precedes the Angel: After the Fall storyline. Only canon characters are referenced in this response.
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238 - Freudian Slip

"This," I remember saying emphatically, "is not a relationship, Lilah."

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62 - "Your ego is absolutely colossal." - 'It Happened One Night'

"Your ego is absolutely colossal."

Lilah drew the words out slowly, her voice breathless and a half-step lower than I was accustomed to hearing, but somehow still full of arrogance and something very close to disdain. Of course, the woman seemed in no position to question my regard for myself or my abilities, considering she was speaking from my bed, upon which she was draped, naked as a jaybird with half of her upper body still hanging over the edge.

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215 - Seduction

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216 - Impossible

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217 - Picture prompt: Ring/book

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203 - Intrigue

Is a relationship really a "secret" if one is doing very little to nothing to hide it?

Although, I suppose, that simply not advertising the existence of said relationship to a certain segment of one's acquaintances is, in effect, a passive way of hiding the truth. In that light, then, such a situation would then indeed qualify as an "intrigue" in that sense.

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