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127 - "I didn't say I didn't love you. I said, 'Stay away from me.'"

OOC Note: Based on rp fanon. Follows the conversation in this post and precedes the one in this post.

Worth the fight )

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The world was still full of demons and vampires, monsters that prowled the alleys of the city in the wee hours of the night and monsters that put on suits and ties and made decisions involving hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives and ordered Vietnamese takeaway for lunch downtown. There would perhaps never be an end to the fighting, and the struggle, and Wesley had come to grips with that a long time ago, even before his friend Angel had learned that lesson at Wolfram & Hart. What mattered, as he'd told the vampire once, was the little bit of happiness one could find.

And that was why Wesley was standing outside the door of his own apartment, key hovering just in front of the lock, balancing a package under his arm. He glanced back at Gwen, holding her bag and standing what seemed like a safe distance away. Wesley smiled at her.

"You look like you might be a bit nervous," Wesley said, smiling. "You've been through this door before, you know."
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Hello, all.

I hope this is finding everyone well. I'm not sure how much Buffy might have filled you in regarding the status of the Slayers and the operation of the Watchers, but I'll spare you the details for now, in the interest of brevity. We did agree that the four of us do need to sit down and work out a number of logisitical details, and Buffy suggested (quite insistently) that I be the one to see to organizing this meeting.

Let me know when and where you'll be available as soon as possible, so we can all get to work.

Thank you,
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
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Wesley stared at the door to his apartment, the apprehension that tightened his shoulders making him feel not only on edge, but utterly ridiculous for being tense in the first place. He was a grown man, an adult in an adult relationship with a smart, self-assured and reasonable woman. There was no logical reason for him to feel this kind of pressure simply discussing with Gwen the fact that Fred was back amongst them all. It was what he had told himself over and over since Gwen had said she would be over.

But Wesley wondered if what he and Gwen had was as strong and sure as he had been hoping. Every time they met, things had seemed that much more comfortable and familiar with her for him, and it became just that much easier to stop wondering when the other shoe would drop, and they might just be able to keep going as they were going.

He cursed himself a fool for thinking momentum lasted forever.

One thing Wesley knew was that he was not about to tell Gwen that he was leaving and taking back up with Fred. The simple and undeniable fact that the hadn't already told him that he had made his choice. He hoped that was what it meant. Still waiting, Wesley heard the sound of the cupboard in the kitchen opening and glasses being set on the table, followed by the more solid sound of a bottle. "Thank you, Dennis," Wesley said, smirking despite his nerves, "I think you're right."

The knock came immediately after, and Wesley answered, letting Gwen's presence put a genuine smile on his face. "Hello, there."
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Wesley shook his father's hand. "You're sure I can't convince you to stay a bit longer?"

Shaking his head, Roger clapped his son warmly on the shoulder. "Not a chance. Your mother was delighted at the news of my retirement, and I understand she wasted no time booking us a holiday. Haven't had one in ages, and I'm certainly not going to disappoint her."

"Of course not," replied Wesley, the smile on his face at least a little genuine for the moment. "Have a pleasant flight, then, Father. Please call when you get home."

Roger nodded. "Thank you, Wesley. And keep me apprised of how you and Miss Summers will be coming along with the Slayers." Another warm, firm shake. "Goodbye, son."

"Goodbye, Father."

Wesley watched as his father passed through the security checkpoint and disappeared into the rest of the international terminal at LAX. Once Roger was out of sight, Wesley took a deep breath to centre himself and promise to find some way to relieve the stress of his deception. As he passed under the great glass wall at the front of the terminal, heading for the car park, Wesley drew his cell phone.

"Buffy? It's Wesley. Where can I meet you? There've been some developments that you'll want to know about."
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September 2008 - lyrics from "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin

Hollow heroes...

You do what you have to do. )


OOC: This ficlet is based on current RP events and canon for Wesley, and is part of his current storyline in that context. The Roger Wyndam-Pryce referred to is [ profile] pryce_the_elder.

Muse: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Fandom: "Buffy TVS"/"Angel"
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Wesley couldn't help but pay particular attention when Buffy expressed so much concern for Angel's... well, perhaps not his well-being, exactly, as there was no implication of the usual sort of danger. But she was certainly concerned for him and his situation. The whole span of the information Wesley's former charge had delivered was still daunting, but there were still only two or three facts required to move Wesley to action. Firstly, an old friend had done the asking. No matter what the history, Wesley respected Buffy and still harboured Watcherly regard for the Slayer. Secondly, the request had been made on behalf of a friend just as old, but a great deal more dear. Lastly, Wesley could help, or at least he believed he might be able, and so he had to.

Dialing the phone number Buffy had provided, Wesley sat at his desk in the Endeavour Agency offices and waited.
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The office was empty when Wesley arrived, but then it was after midnight and everyone else in the building save for the maintenance staff were safely home and abed. Not so for the stalwarts of the Endeavour Agency, Wesley thought. Neither rain nor snow nor rain of fire...

Unlocking the door to his office, the light snapped on automatically, startling him for a moment. Laughing ruefully at his own jumpiness, he shrugged off his leather jacket and hung it on a peg. After hours of trudging through the downtown demon bars, he'd turned up almost nothing on the demons whose human sacrifice they'd interrupted. Unfortunately, the skirmish had left none of the unusual demons alive, and so Wesley and the others had been forced to use more direct methods of investigation.

Wesley was just unlocking the safe behind his desk when he heard the outer door open. He held his breath and let his right hand stray toward one of his pistols for a moment, then relaxed once he recognized the newcomer: Gwen.

"I hope you had better luck than I did," he called out to her.
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OOC: For [ profile] _freaksrus, [ profile] queen_c_tm, [ profile] evilhandissue and [ profile] big_pile_o_dust and anyone else who's expressed interest in the new agency. Bendy-time as needed to fit into people's storylines and timelines.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce had faced a number of challenges in his years, from vampires to werewolves to sorcerers and demons. And none had frustrated him so much as those with whom he and the others had been made to contend in the establishing and opening of the new agency. Between simply getting the physical plant of the offices and equipment arranged and the bureaucratic tangle of permits and licenses required to hang up their shingle, he had been more than ready to give up the whole thing and set up a folding table and cardboard sign reading "VAMPIRES SLAIN 5 CENTS" on the side of the freeway.

At last, though, the last papers had been signed and the last screws turned. He and the others stood outside the door of the office suite, though every one of them had already been inside, inspecting their own spaces and whatever details which fell under their particular charge. But this was a ceremony, and as proud as he was to be officially resuming this work with these people, Wesley wanted to stand on ceremony this once.

He glanced at the brass plaque that hung beside the frosted glass doors.

Private Investigations

When the question of the agency's name had gone unsolved, Wesley had thrown open a thesaurus to the entry for "crusade" and selected a synonym that would suit their higher-class location. He turned the key and opened the door.

"Open for business," he said, and stepped inside.
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It was something he hadn't done in a long time, so Wesley took the pursuit of the lead very seriously and with great enthusiasm. With the date for officially opening the doors of the as-yet-unnamed detective agency so close, he would have normally waited until he had the support of the entire team, but an inescapable time factor had entered the equation, and the investigation couldn't wait.

Detective work )


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Holiday gifts go out late. Wesley contemplates calling them 'Boxing Day' presents, but knows no one will get the joke.

For Cordelia )

For Lindsey )

For Logan )

For Gwen )
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OOC: Follows immediately after THIS PART.

Wesley stood from his place at the table to face the returning Lindsey. Meeting the other man's gaze levelly and calmly, he tried his best to gauge Lindsey's expression. He found he couldn't, not at that moment. "Lindsey," he said by way of greeting. "Welcome back. What do you say?"

Lindsey has his say, Wesley does not, and everyone else is probably glad it doesn't come to swords and gunfire. )
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OOC: Follows immediately after Part 1, occurring at the same time as Part 2.

Cordelia sat back in her chair once Lindsey had stormed out, glaring after him. If he thought she was going to chase after him, he'd be waiting out there a long time. Call her stubborn, but after the way he'd been acting, she didn't see why she should follow him. Let him steam over it for a while on his own, then maybe they'd talk when he was more rational.

Once Logan followed, she sighed and turned her attention back to Wesley and Gwen.

"I'm sorry, Wes. I didn't think he'd flip out like that. I thought once we were all here, he'd be more open to the idea."

Wesley and his lady friends discuss Lindsey, old times, new jobs and a name for the new business )
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It wasn't the trendiest or highest-profile eatery in Los Angeles, but that was most of the point. Wesley had chosen the restaurant more for the ability to hold a meeting where topics that no one outside of their peculiar community would be prepared to overhear. That, and the fact that Dominick's quietly boasted quite a fine wine list. Wesley nodded to Bernard, the maitre d' and slipped the older man the promised hundred dollar note. Bernard was perhaps in his late sixties, and had no doubt stood his station since Dominick's played host to Los Angeles underworld luminaries of a much more organised crime sense of the world. Certainly the private back dining room into which Bernard ushered Wesley was a holdover from those days.

The lighting was low, but sufficient to keep the atmosphere from entering gloom. Wesley ran his hand over the rich woods and leather backs of the chairs and table and wondered what nefarious men and privacy-seeking Hollywood golden age celebrities had taken refuge in this room. He hoped whatever ghosts might still linger in this space would look kindly on his intentions. Taking a seat with an unobstructed view of the door, Wesley ordered a scotch, neat, and awaited the first of his invited soon-to-be teammates.

The players assemble at one table, new faces meet old, Wesley makes his offer and reactions are mixed. )
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From: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Bcc: Cordelia Chase; Logan Cale; Gwen Raiden
Security: Encrypted

Subject: A modest proposal


First of all, I'd like to thank you for helping make my re-acclimation to the waking world as painless a process as could be hoped. I consider myself to be fully recovered from my mysterious ordeal and ready to take on the world again.

And, it seems, the world is ready, as well. A number of sources with whom I've reestablished contact all indicate that whatever slump or downturn experienced in recent years by the supernatural world-- in particular, the segment involved with the illegal, immoral and evil-- is over. There is work to be done, and I would like to invite you to discuss with me how to go about it.

Please reply with your interest (I've blind copied this, in respect for those who might wish to decline) and we will arrange a time and place to meet. Also, if you can think of any other like-minded and trustworthy individuals with whom you think we might share this task, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
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Wesley's email to Logan had been terse, but the particulars, he felt, were a little too sensitive to discuss openly.

From: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
To: Logan Cale

Priority: High
Security: High

Subject: A favour


I was wondering if I couldn't interest you in that drink and collaboration you mentioned. I'm in the Northern California area on business, so I hope that's sufficiently in the middle for us to meet.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

And so Wesley found himself in a bar once more, though one slightly more upscale than the demon-run or vampire-frequented establishments of his usual haunts. It wouldn't have done to ask someone like Logan, so uninitiated, to risk such a location. And so, it was a quiet and dark hotel lounge, but one that was sure to provide enough cover for what was sure to be an unusual conversation.
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"Now, Dennis," Wesley intoned carefully, addressing the empty air of the living room, "all we want in this case is... deterrence. As I explained, Gwen is not an enemy. I know she'll be breaking into the apartment, but you do remember what I told you, yes?" He took the lack of furniture rattling as a sign of acquiesence. "Very good, thank you. You're welcome to dissuade and interfere with her attempts, but I emphasize that no harm is to come to her." Again silence. "Thank you, Dennis. I'll make sure to repay you soon."

Walking through the apartment, Wesley consulted the small pad in his hand and ticked off his checklist once more. Every room had been considered in the security of is living space, and he'd applied every bit of his knowledge and experience to the task. For Gwen's visit, though, he did disarm the mystical wards and spells that lined the apartment, in deference to her inexperience with such.

Satisfied with the preparations, he picked up the phone and dialed Gwen's number, leaving a voice mail.

Gwen, it's Wesley. You may consider this your starting pistol for our little wager. I've secreted a very old and very valuable book, the Grey Tome in a safe in the bedroom closet of my new apartment. I originally intended to vacate the premises while you worked, but I think I'd rather observe firsthand my victory or defeat... and, frankly, I'd like to see you in action. But I'll do nothing personally to interfere with your attempt, as if I weren't present. Now that you have the particulars and the address, I'm sure I'll see you soon.

Retiring to the bedroom with one of his few novels, Wesley settled into a chair and waited.

OOC: Have at it! Feel free to have Phantom Dennis hamper Gwen however you think would work best.

((Note: this thread contains NC-17 material.))
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The agent that met Wesley at the apartment building was only partly successful at not looking at him as if he had sprouted a second set of arms. Instead, she was merely befuddled as she shook his hand and led him into the building proper.

"And you're certain it's unit number six you're looking for, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce?"

Wesley nodded. By inference, he'd determined that Cordelia's former apartment had gone through at least a dozen or more tenants since she'd vacated the place, but thankfully none of them had met violent and unfortunate ends. That much indicated that it was indeed still home to Phantom Dennis and only the poltergeist and not his deceased mother's spirit as well.

Opening the door for him, the agent let Wesley step through the doorway first. "The furniture in here is for display only," she told him, "although we'd be happy to recommend a good rental service." Whether she noticed that he noticed how the display furniture had been broken and repaired, the agent did not let on.

For his part, Wesley was paying her little to no attention. Instead, he was soaking in the room, remembering the summer Angel Investigations had used Cordy's apartment as its ad-hoc headquarters. There had been Cordelia's parties, and many meetings and nights off that had happened within these walls, and Wesley could very nearly remember them all.

"I'll take it," he said.

The agent stared again. "Don't you want to take a look around?"

Before Wesley could answer, there was a mechanical click and suddenly the room began to cool, the air conditioning spilling a refreshing breeze from the overhead vents. The agent frowned. "That's funny. The landlord's never been able to get that to work right," she said absently.

"It's all right," Wesley assured her. "I think we'll be just fine here."
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Had anything ever filled Wesley Wyndam-Pryce with quite such equal and opposite reactions? Part of him was more than elated to cross a threshold and at last find a friendly face waiting for him on the other side. Even better, that friend was Cordelia Chase, someone he had thought lost forever. He'd woken up in to a world that had changed little except in the small circle he could draw around his own life. Within that border, things had shifted greatly and not in many cases for the better.

Cordy being alive was definitely one of those rare exceptions.

On the other hand, waiting beyond that door was also a familiar face toward which Wesley felt much less friendly. Lindsey McDonald had always been their adversary. Although certain events had prevented them-- Angel in particular-- from classifying the man as being genuinely evil or particularly malevolent, the fact remained that Lindsey was ruthless, generally amoral and more than willing to cause serious collateral damage to further his own ends.

But he was a man with, at the moment, a narrow range of options. He required a place to live temporarily while he found a proper apartment and re-established himself. Yes, Wesley cold have used more of the same funds that had just gotten him across the country and back, but there were better uses and a limited supply.

The part of him that was looking forward to seeing Cordelia again won out, but the rest of him remained cautious and vigilant as he found the appropriate condominium and rang the bell.
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Certain things in life are greatly counter-intuitive.

One of those things, Wesley determined, was the best way to escape from a hospital.

Separations )

OOC: This is my personal effort to get TM-Wesley into the place that I'd like him to be, and deal with a few things that I couldn't in good conscience just ignore or undo without making the effort. It's accelerated as far as emotions go, but there will be repercussions. In any case, he's a little freer to go his own way now, and that was really my aim with it in the first place.


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