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334 - Vote

Transmutation is defined as the process by which one object is transformed into another, or more specifically one substance is transformed into another. The word has a particular connotation regarding the use of either magical or alchemical means. The study of alchemy, as far as most people are aware, was the pursuit of would-be sorcerers, crackpots and con men attempting to change lead or other base materials into gold.

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Wesley is off his (more extended than intended) hiatus. The mun apologizes for the long delay and thanks the mods at [ profile] theatrical_muse for their patience and understanding.
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323 - Right and Wrong

It was a pattern I began noticing while still at the Watchers Academy, an observation that has more than been borne out by my experiences since coming to the States and the years that have followed. While doing research, as I was almost continually doing research in those days, I began to observe a certain similarity amongst the known effects of certain artifacts of demonic or otherwise supernatural origin.

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319 - Friday

I became aware of the phenomenon of "date night" not long after I first arrived in Sunnydale. It was my first week in the States and I was determined to establish myself as an authority figure for both Buffy and Faith and, I suppose, make good on the trust that the Council had shown in giving me the assignment. With all the group gathered in the library, I began mapping out a training schedule for the Slayers and when I got to Friday nights, the idea was met with outright disgust. Giles, of course, had seen the training plan and had neglected to mention this possibility to me.

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OOC Note: This is an RP-based prompt. The Gwen referenced is [ profile] _freaksrus.
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316 - What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago, someone tried to tell me the future. I didn't listen. Perhaps it's for the best I didn't.

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OOC Note: This is an original ficlet not based on canon or RP.
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313 - Write about something old, something new, or something borrowed.

There are dozens of new things around my apartment these days, although if I were to be strict about the definitions of things they would not be so much new as, I suppose, newly noticed.

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OOC Note: Based on RP.
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304 - What are you hiding from?

Real work, some might argue.

Make no mistake that I consider my current line of engagement to be a most worthwhile and meaningful endeavour. Certainly there would be no room and no need for any of the more every-day and commonplace occupations of the world if there was indeed no world in which they might exist. The supernatural forces of evil are a threat to every living person, and so to stand in the way of them is to serve, in a fashion, everyone.

But it is not, clearly, a regular job. While I do pay taxes, my income is irregular in its schedule and with upsetting frequency, falls near or below the line of a living wage. I am provided none of the customary benefits, such as medical insurance or retirement investments, have no company car and pay for every one of my own meals, whether on the clock or not. I may be called upon to practice my craft at any hour of any day like a physician yet am afforded no special placard to prevent my car from being towed for double parking.

On occasion, in the execution of my work, I have been called upon to impersonate someone with a "real job", most often to gain entrance into a particular location or to engender the trust of someone with information I require. It is an unusual experience, sometimes refreshing in relieving the stresses-- for however brief a time-- of my unusual pursuits. And sometimes, it is illuminating, giving me a reminder of why I should feel confident that I was never destined to sit behind a desk for an hourly wage.

All in all, I am quite sure that I would not be able to hold down everyday employment. While my temperament is generally studious and naturally detail-oriented, I am afraid that I've grown far too accustomed to the odd, the unusual and the arcane to be satisfied with a commonplace job.

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301 - Wake up.

First oblivion, then existence. I knew at once what had happened, and I had a single reaction:


The person-- no, it wasn't a person in the least, in point of fact, but a visible manifestation of the Senior Partners' wishes to communicate with their employees. The manifestation standing before me pursed its meticulously coloured lips in a bemused, condescending expression that I knew far too well.

"Now Wesley, you know it just isn't good form to talk about your former-- and, as it turns out, current-- employers like that."

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OOC Note: Immediately precedes the Angel: After the Fall storyline. Only canon characters are referenced in this response.
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297 - Crushed

"So. It is a game of war."

Ilyria's tone, as it was in the instances when it was not imperiously dismissive, was instead disdainfully matter-of-fact. Wesley, somehow, had grown used to the casual arrogance and did not rise to it. Instead, he replied with equal objectivity.

"You are correct. Legend has it that a Prince of ancient India created the game in order to explain to his mother the Queen the tactics that had resulted in his brother's death."

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Muse: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Fandom: 'Angel'/Misc. TV
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OOC Note: The Illyria referenced is [ profile] not_the_shell and is used with permission.
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294 - Passing

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293 - Talk about a news item.

There are problems with forming a detective agency that does not engage in any of the traditional sorts of cases: domestic disputes, divorces, the vetting of potential employees, et cetera. Chief among these problems is the irregularity of clients-- paying clients in particular. On the right side of the war or not, even we lowly foot soldiers must eat and keep roofs over our heads, and gratitude does not pay rent.

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290 - You pass a complete stranger on the street and notice they are crying. What do you do?

I gave her a weapon.

I should probably clarify that, shouldn't I?

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287 - Prison

It takes, traffic permitting (which is always a most appropriate and irritating turn of phrase here in Southern California), approximately five to six hours to drive from Los Angeles to Stockton, which is located not so very far away from San Francisco. In point of fact, there is a very real and very proudly maintained delineation between the two halves of the state, and two very different geographic personalities. That difference is not taking into account, naturally, how much the Los Angeles area differed from the rest of the world on the day I made the trip.

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284 - Talk about a time you were forced out of something.

My parting of the ways with the Watchers Council is, I must confess, not my only experienced with being sacked from an occupation. There was a time, about a year after my arrival in Los Angeles, when Cordelia, Gunn and I were unceremoniously jettisoned from our positions with Angel Investigations and sent on our less-than-merry ways. Naturally, the most painful part of the firing was that it came at the hands of Angel himself.

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282 - Talk about funeral arrangements.

((a document stored in the safe at Wesley's apartment))

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280 - What are you thinking?

I'm brooding.

No comments, please. I do it well and like any other behaviour that has been formed by constant use and practise, it's a habit for me, something nearly instinctual by now. While I have made a great deal of progress towards not being constantly engaged in brooding, it is not something gotten rid of so easily.

At some point or another, I have seen every one of my friends shed their blood in the service of the greater good. With few exceptions, nearly all of the individuals who come down on our side of the battle against the dark supernatural elements of the world are mere mortals, subject to all the frailties and vulnerabilities of any other human body. Meanwhile, many of our antagonists are of demonic extraction, capable of withstanding dozens of times the punishment as we, and equipped to deal just as much damage, if not more.

When one of us is hurt and if that injury is of sufficient severity, there is nearly always a period of introspection that follows. The damaged party, while in recovery, is all but required to take stock of the circumstances that led to their situation and of the world into which they've chosen to throw themselves. Almost always, there is doubt in the sanity or the ultimate effectiveness of the fight, and eventually a hesitation to return to it.

Most often, at least with the individuals with whom I have become privileged to work, the crises of faith are brief and superficial. Mere physical inconvenience is not enough to sway them from whatever path they have chosen for themselves. Once the body is mended-- if not before-- the spirit is willing, and they are back in the fight.

It having recently been my misfortune to "take one of the team" as it were, this has been my regularly scheduled time of contemplation. And now that formality is completed, I believe it is time to return to work.

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278 - What are you wearing?


I'm no knight, and it certainly doesn't shine, but it serves the same purpose, as far as I am concerned.

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276 - Are you an only child? Write about your siblings or lack thereof.

There were no other children in the Wyndam-Pryce household. In fact, I suppose if I were in a particularly melancholy mood, I might characterise my upbringing as there having been no children at all in that household. From my earliest memories, Father was insistent that I learn responsibility and the absolute supremacy of duty an honour above all things. I had a family name to protect and to do proud, and he was damned if I was going to become a man who did anything but.

From time to time when I was young, I did imagine that it might be a fine thing to have an older brother. I didn't only wish for a play companion, but for a mentor who could understand what I was going through and guide me through my more difficult times. An older brother, I believed, would know how best to be the kind of son that Father would value.

I suppose part of me wondered if having a sibling would also mean that when Father's ire was descending, it would be at least somewhat divided.

Having been around other individuals with elder siblings, especially those with older brothers and sisters involved in the same pursuits as the younger, I sometimes find myself glad I did not have one. So many of them found troubles with following in the footsteps of exceptional older siblings, standing in their shadows.

I had enough trouble for myself without having someone standing before me and setting an even more difficult example to emulate.

It's unclear whether the particulars of my sibling-free upbringing have contributed to my current personality and behaviours the way other influences have, although I do think it's an interesting question.

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273 - "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Who watches the watchmen?)

The timeline is hazy, but most historians place the event somewhere between three and four thousand years ago, though it's possible it may have happened even earlier. Humanity had been at odds with the forces of the supernatural dark-- vampires, demons and the like-- since it first evolved, but it was not for some time that humanity developed the intelligence to do something about it more drastic than simply fight the dark with the same tools it used to fight one another.

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270 - Thirteen

Superstition is a curious thing. There are a great number of individuals in the world who do not believe in a higher power. A great deal more than that, while stating a belief, do not in practice hold that a higher power has any direct influence on their day-to-day lives, that there is no grand chessmaster guiding, influencing or even observing our tiny mortal movements.

And yet, many of these people throw spilt salt over their shoulders. They avoid cracks in the sidewalk or swing wide to avoid stepping underneath ladders. They exercise greater caution with their lives on Friday the thirteenth. Superstitions can still affect them.

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