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316 - What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago, someone tried to tell me the future. I didn't listen. Perhaps it's for the best I didn't.

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OOC Note: This is an original ficlet not based on canon or RP.
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294 - Passing

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284 - Talk about a time you were forced out of something.

My parting of the ways with the Watchers Council is, I must confess, not my only experienced with being sacked from an occupation. There was a time, about a year after my arrival in Los Angeles, when Cordelia, Gunn and I were unceremoniously jettisoned from our positions with Angel Investigations and sent on our less-than-merry ways. Naturally, the most painful part of the firing was that it came at the hands of Angel himself.

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273 - "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Who watches the watchmen?)

The timeline is hazy, but most historians place the event somewhere between three and four thousand years ago, though it's possible it may have happened even earlier. Humanity had been at odds with the forces of the supernatural dark-- vampires, demons and the like-- since it first evolved, but it was not for some time that humanity developed the intelligence to do something about it more drastic than simply fight the dark with the same tools it used to fight one another.

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268 - The End

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OOC: On a much lighter note, I rarely get to use this mood icon, and I've just now realized that the person who made it saw the word "exanimate" and thought it was "examine it". *LOL*
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87 - "I thought I heard you saying it was a pity... pity I never had any children."
- 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips'

A few years before I left for Sunnydale, I learned that even amongst Watchers and others in the business of investigating the supernatural, my circle of acquaintances was not immune to a very common phenomenon. Nearly anyone with more than a handful of people with whom they associate and are all within a small age range of one another will, or has, experienced the sudden onset of domesticity.

All of a sudden, there are weddings to attend every few months, housewarming parties and baby announcements. Adults in their late twenties, accustomed to purchasing gift cards and novelty items for their friends' gifts will suddenly be poring over registries and making sure that they don't buy the wrong model of pram.

They were the new generation of Watchers, the men and women with whom I'd attended Academy and had graduated with, just before or just after me. I won't pretend that we were the kind of close-knit, "meet you down at the pub after work" every Friday night sort of friends, but they were the people with whom I'd become familiar. Now, they were changing into husbands and wives and parents.

There are, clearly, many Watchers quite capable of making families work within the unusual circumstances of their callings. Without that ability, there wouldn't be Watcher families like mine. But it just never appealed to me. I did very little dating or socialising at the time, both by choice and by circumstance, but I was focused and determined to make the most of my career, to be the exemplary Watcher I had always been told by my instructors that I could be.

Knowing more about the world, I won't say as I regret not having settled down then. This job can become deathly dangerous for both myself and anyone who cares for me. But one can't help but wonder, especially as those old acquaintances are now sending out graduation notices and invitations to coming-out parties.

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Hello, all.

I hope this is finding everyone well. I'm not sure how much Buffy might have filled you in regarding the status of the Slayers and the operation of the Watchers, but I'll spare you the details for now, in the interest of brevity. We did agree that the four of us do need to sit down and work out a number of logisitical details, and Buffy suggested (quite insistently) that I be the one to see to organizing this meeting.

Let me know when and where you'll be available as soon as possible, so we can all get to work.

Thank you,
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
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76 - "I never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating!" - 'The African Queen'

It started after I'd been shot. I'd been in more fights with vampires and demons and so forth alongside Angel than I could count by then, but I'd always been very much on the sidelines. And then, not even armed, I was injured so badly I was confined to a wheelchair for weeks. When I was well enough, the doctor prescribed a short course of physical therapy.

My PT introduced me to the proper manner in which to exercise. I decided not to stop, even after I was deemed back to normal.

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68 - "A family crisis brings out the best and the worst in every member of the family." - 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'

The phone call had come at 2:30 in the morning, London time. Roger Wyndam-Pryce, however, had been awake, having been poring over sheaf after sheaf of paperwork related to his "consulting" position with the still-nascent re-formed version of the Watchers' Council. While Summers' plan had been audacious for sure, and unarguably effective, and while she did have one or two relatively capable individuals in her coterie, none of them knew a damn thing about running an organisation like the Watchers other than Rupert Giles.

Indeed, Roger had been expecting to hear Giles' voice on the other end of the line, not some infuriatingly vague American policeman.

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66 - "It seems to me you're doing excellently without any assistance." - 'It Happened One Night'

I ran into one of the Watchers' operatives during the months after Sunnydale and before Los Angeles. I've never been entirely sure what the man was doing in that highly disreputable bar on the edge of Laughlin, Nevada, but the moment I realised just who he was, I was already in far more trouble than I could handle.

The end of my tenure with the Council came abruptly and with little fanfare and, as far as I'm concerned, even less courtesy and sympathy. A typed letter with a rubber stamp signature informed me that given my refusal to follow Council edicts and at the least to return to England, I was being dismissed. Honestly, I knew it was coming and had no qualms about ending my association with them.

Thus began my short-lived, if highly informative, career as a rogue demon hunter.

Having already tasted the satisfaction of doing good for those in need-- I cleared out a restaurant's infestation of mischievous pixies in Tucson and tracked down a pair of mysterious produce thieves in Bakersfield (all right, those turned out to be a couple of local teenagers, but the check in the win column stands)-- I knew that I had discovered my true calling.

So, once my travels brought me to the purportedly just-as-exciting-as-Las Vegas city of Laughlin, I was delighted to find myself in a demon bar, next to an especially odiferous Rinner demon who was bragging loudly about his plans to crash a bus full of retirees for dinner.

In retrospect, I suppose the combination of demons, alcohol and it being a dive bar should have immediately equaled "uncontrolled donnybrook" in my mind.

Scrambling out of the way of more than a few hooves and talons, I spotted the operative calmly still seated in his booth, sipping quietly at a gin and tonic.

"A little help?" I asked the man.

"It seems to me you're doing excellently without any assistance, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce," he said, laughing. The operative set down his drink and walked out.

I followed not long after, but via the quicker path of being bodily thrown out the door.

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64 - "I come from a long line of stubborn idiots!" -'It Happened One Night'

Some families pass useful things down the line from one generation to the next, and some objects of great sentimental or historical value. In the line of Wyndam-Pryces, one's inheritance, aside from a relatively comfortable financial status, is instead a profession-- the family business, as it were. For the better part of my family's existence, nearly every member has been, or has been associated with, the Watchers.

Sir Beckett Pryce was the earliest name I could uncover, when I researched this particular question. Sir Beckett traveled to the Middle East during the Crusades under the banner of Sir Richard the Lionhearted. According to family lore, Sir Beckett was attacked by a pair of vampires-- formerly Englishmen of his own regiment-- on the streets of Jerusalem one night, and was rescued by a "Saracen girl". Pursuing his rescuer, Sir Beckett met the Slayer's Watcher, and sought out the Council after returning to England.

Centuries later, Lady Emmeline Pryce, Duchess of... well, of some tiny county or other, was instrumental in ensuring the Council's continued existence beyond the reach and knowledge of the authorities. Lady Emmeline was an occasional companion of Queen Elizabeth I and introduced Her Majesty to the presence of the supernatural. From that time, the Watchers have enjoyed an understanding with the British crown and from it, the rest of the world's governments.

For her service to the monarchy, a marriage was arranged between Lady Emmeline's daughter Virginia Elisabeth to Sir Jasper Wyndam, a veteran of the wars against Spain and a firm believer in the supernatural himself, which made the family's continued association with the Watchers an almost given.

In the late Eighteenth Century, Thomas Wyndam-Pryce served the Council as one of its most successful "recruiters" of Potential Slayers. For whatever reasons, using the detection spells with which Watchers detect the young women who might possibly in line for the power of the Slayer was a simple affair for Thomas. He traveled the world almost constantly, from Italy to Hungary, and was the first Watcher of the modern era to visit China and Japan.

My father, Roger Wyndam-Pryce, has distinguished himself with decades of loyal service to the Council, both as a field agent and then as a senior member of the Council itself.

Then, there's me.

Oh, well.


OOC Note: Obviously, this is a fanon response. Details, names, etc. are all the creation of the writer.
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230 - Black and white

I am, and have always been, an avid reader-- something that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.

In my original chosen profession, a passion for reading and for the knowledge held in the written word is an absolute requirement.

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228 - Three A.M.

"On behalf of British Airways and your flight and cabin crews today, welcome to London. The local time is approximately eleven o'clock in the morning, and the current temperature is approximately fifteen degrees centigrade..."

I tuned out the rest of the captain's speech and instead focused on my watch, which I'd yet to turn from Los Angeles time, which was three o'clock in the morning. I yawned, feeling every bit of the jet lag and the long flight from California. The ticket had been an impulse purchase, made immediately after I'd gotten off the phone with Mother and Father.

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226 - Name three things that you're looking forward to in the near future and why.

From the training journal of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Watcher-in-Residence, Sunnydale, California, USA

Training plan for the third week of April, 1999

Training is to begin at 6:00 A.M. sharp, prior to the opening bell of school. We will start with calisthenics, including at least ten laps of the school track and ten minutes of any of the Council-approved martial arts kata with which the Slayers may be familiar.

Immediately after the last bell of school, both Buffy and Faith are to meet with myself in the school Library. Weapons training will be saved for the latter part of this afternoon session, providing that both Slayers are able to satisfactorily complete the following three study goals:

First: Commit to memory the eight major classes of demonkind, outside of vampires, and their primary characteristics. Also, to be conversant with the twelve minor classes of demons and at least the preferred methods of dispatching all of the above.

Second: Demonstrate working knowledge of the Basic Battle Tactics for Slayers, as outlined in pages 341 through 359 of the Slayer Handbook, and be able to discuss practical Sunnydale applications thereof.

Third: Prepare an outline of the greater administrative structure of the Watchers Council. Propose a proper and acceptable chain of command to most effectively take advantage of the unique characteristics of the so-called "Scooby Gang".

Should these tasks be completed, weapons practice will involve the compound crossbow. Hopefully that should be sufficient motivation.

Found in the rubble of Sunnydale High School, crumpled burned and completely unusued.

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54 - "Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me!" - 'Young Frankenstein'

I was six years old when my father first brought me to the Watchers Council Headquarters in London. That morning, he had seemed in particularly gruff spirits, fussing uncharacteristically with my appearance and constantly admonishing me to be on my very best behaviour. Roger Wyndam-Pryce had never found difficulty with detailing to his young son just what sorts of hell would come down were I to dare and misbehave, and his warnings that day were most dire.

If Father's intention was to scare me half out of my wits well before the train arrived at Paddington Station, he had succeeded fantastically.

My trepidation, though, all but disappeared when we arrived. Although any decent London architect could tell you that HQ was a tall and sturdy pre-WWII era commercial building, still carrying the plaster and concrete decor on its unremarkable façade. To me and my six year-old eyes, though, it was a castle. A castle teeming with tweed-suited knights and adventurers whose calling in life was to make the world safe for damsels and children. They were good men, brave and true, and they had the courage to stand against the darkness and persevere.

Even as I sat quietly in the corner of Father's office, reading through a translated Grimorium and politely nodding and shaking the hand of whichever colleagues of my father's happened to stop by and even more politely refusing their offers of caramels and flake bars, no matter how much I really wanted them, I knew I was sitting in a place where people made a difference, a place where there were still heroes to be found.

And best of all, I knew that one day, I would take my place amongst them. Father had told me so.

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37 - "I don't think any word can explain a man's life." - 'Citizen Kane'


For the majority of my life, it was the only word I had any care to have applied to me, beyond the typical superlatives any human wishes to hear about oneself. Being a Watcher was more than simply my life's ambition, it was the only thing in the world, the only possible avenue to pursue. Even as a child, I harboured no fantasies of sailing across the ocean looking for new horizons to explore or of fighting fires or racing Lotuses on the international circuit.

There was nothing but the world of the Watcher, and the Wyndam-Pryce family tradition to uphold.

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