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301 - Wake up.

First oblivion, then existence. I knew at once what had happened, and I had a single reaction:


The person-- no, it wasn't a person in the least, in point of fact, but a visible manifestation of the Senior Partners' wishes to communicate with their employees. The manifestation standing before me pursed its meticulously coloured lips in a bemused, condescending expression that I knew far too well.

"Now Wesley, you know it just isn't good form to talk about your former-- and, as it turns out, current-- employers like that."

In perpetuity )


OOC Note: Immediately precedes the Angel: After the Fall storyline. Only canon characters are referenced in this response.
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268 - The End

In Memoriam )


OOC: On a much lighter note, I rarely get to use this mood icon, and I've just now realized that the person who made it saw the word "exanimate" and thought it was "examine it". *LOL*
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90 - "Well, I've always thought the law was meant to be interpreted in a lenient manner. Sometimes I lean one way and sometimes I lean the other." - 'Hud'

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71 - "I'd like to have your advice on how to live comfortably without working hard." - 'Rebecca'

On the very first day we reported for work at Wolfram & Hart, each of us was met in the lobby by the employees who had been designated as our assistants. We were all flabbergasted, of course, upon seeing Harmony come to fetch Angel, but once they were on their way, our bewilderment was free to take over as Fred, Gunn, Lorne and I were escorted off to our respective departments.

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70 - "The human animal is a beast that must die. If he's got money, he buys and buys and buys everything he can, in the crazy hope one of those things will be life-everlasting, which it can never be." - 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'

((Contains spoilers for Angel: After the Fall))

I'm not sure with how much authority I might be qualified to speak on the nature of the so-called "human animal", but I do know a thing or two about "life-everlasting".

There's the part where my best friend is an immortal vampire, yes, but that's not the half of it.

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Muse: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Fandom: "Buffy TVS"/"Angel"
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OOC Note: Prompt reflects the
Angel: ATF comic canon only.
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22 - "It really don't matter if I lose this fight... 'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance." - 'Rocky'

Well, I think this particular passage illustrates most eloquently the whole point behind those fateful events the night we brought down Wolfram & Hart, don't you?

Down to the last round )

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21 - "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." - 'Gone With the Wind'

It was an unthinkable situation, one in which no sane person could ever have possibly imagined themselves. The world made no sense, had gone mad. Is it then any surprise that I behaved like a madman?

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